Mogul in the Making Cocktail Kit - Vodka/Bourbon

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Sip Like A Boss!

The Mogul in the Making Everything But The Booze Box is the perfect way to wind down after a day of making money moves.

The "Magic Mogultini" is perfect for the person who is used to having all eyes on them! Butterfly pea flowers are gaining popularity in cocktails due to their striking blue color and color changing abilities when mixed with other ingredients. Combined with  peach and citrus flavors, this drink is bright and is the magic sauce for a boss. 

The "Head Honcho" is the boubon cocktail for the one who pays the cost to be the boss. Similar to a bourbon buck, but with extra bite from ginger beer- this drink pulls no punches while the honey provides enough balance to keep it classy.  

Each cocktail box contains everything needed to make 4 cocktails (except the booze and ice). Includes: Recipe cards, cocktail syrups, mixers, garnishes, bar tools(cocktail shaker, jigger, ice ball mold). **Bonus cocktail glass while supplies last!!**Does not include alcohol**